About Me

My passion for writing began during my childhood. While growing up, the phrase “children should be seen and not heard” was taken seriously. I would always hear “You talk too much”, “Stop being fresh (disrespectful)”, “Don’t talk back” and my favorite, “Don’t answer when I ask you a question”. To me it was self-expression, but I guess not to the elders. I was that kid who always had something to say or felt the need to express herself or explain something away; I decided to write it down. They might not give me the chance to say my piece, but they sure took the time to read what I had to say! Teachers, parents, whomever; if you won’t hear it then you’ll read it! Hence, the start of my passion; writing. Love notes, cuss notes, apology notes, explanatory notes; you name it; someone was getting one.
Drama was also my passion. As I got older, I began to combine the two. Everything that I saw, heard and/or experienced was immediately converted into a play, a dance or a poem. Sometimes on paper, other times just mentally. Admiring a solider standing at the crosswalk neatly dressed in his uniform, inspired me to choreograph a praise dance from the song “Wounded Solider” by Helen Baylor. The poem “Smile” was written at a time when I was trying to encourage my children to take things in stride and find the purpose and good in all their experiences. My play “Am I Dying?” is based on my question to the doctor who diagnosed me with ovarian cancer.
I write to express my reactions to the world around me. I share it with others hoping they will find a way to enjoy the 20% positivity that life throws at them without making the 80% negativity overrule. Basically, everything that happens is just life in progress, so why not make the best of it.
I am a playwright and a praise dance choreographer. Psalms 149 v 3-4 says “Let them praise his name in dancing… for the Lord takes delight in his people…” Therefore, everything I write and create is to glorify the Lord!

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