Her Hopeless Situation



(The saleswoman stands at the front counter.  A youthful Sarah walk in)

Saleswoman: Can I help you?

Sarah: I’m Sarah and I’m here to place a prayer request…

Saleswoman: Step to the window on my right, your left, and place your request please. If you need consultation please step to the window on my left, your right.

(Sarah stepped to the right. she will clasp her hands in prayer. A gesture of placing her prayer request. She then moves to the window on the left)

Sarah: I just placed a request for a child and I’m wondering if you know how long the wait will be?

Consultant: It all depends on the maker. He makes sure each request fits the needs of the individual and everything, including the specific time of his response, is set around what’s best for the individual. Therefore, each answer varies.

Sarah: (sighs) I guess I’ll wait…

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Sarah-Jane, Esther-Sue. Hannah-Mae, Ruth-Ann, Person at consultation window, Person at Drop off window, Person at Pick up window, Salesperson, Sign person, extras at drop off window and pick up window


Appropriate costume for each character

Signs ( 5 YEARS, 10 YEARS & 14 YEARS)


This is based on the Story of Sarah and Abraham with a modern-day setting. Sarah prayed for a baby but got impatient when her answer was not immediate. She then encourages her husband to have a child with her handmaid because she doubted it would ever be possible for her to bear a child herself. In this play she figured instead of waiting she should consult with another pharmacy. This decision, as in the case of Hagar, did not work out in the best interest of Sarah. In the end, things fell in place when she let go of the situation and placed it in God’s hand.

(Genesis 16, 17, 18: 1-17, 21: 1-8)