Called, Chosen, Committed



Principal: Good morning Mr. Riley. Good morning class.

Students together: Good morning Principal Shaw

Principal: Members of our school board will be at our morning devotion this Friday. They are here to see how well our students are doing so be on your best behavior. Mr. Riley will select the best student to represent the school and this student will prepare a speech on our theme for this month, Being Committed. He will tell you more about it. Now let me go so you can get on with your lessons.

All Students together: Bye Principal Shaw.

(Each student will then beg the teacher to pick them for the part. The teacher will listen then pick his choice)

Gloria: I should give the speech because I’m committed. I’m committed to looking beautiful as always. (Applies face powder)

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Teacher, Principal, Students (8), Sign person


1 – chair/table (teacher), 8 – book bags (one with a bag of chips/cookies), 5 – chairs /desks (students), cell phone w/headphone, hairbrush, sketch pad w/pencil, face powder


This play is about a class of high school girls at a catholic school They struggle with abiding by the faith-based rules of the school and teases Edith for doing her best. See what happens when Edith is chosen to represent the class.  The class was not too pleased that the quiet “fake kid” gets picked but in the end, it was a lesson learned for all except one.


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