My True Self



Teacher: I have chosen… Enid.

Students: what!!!!!

Enid: me!!? OK I guess.

Nettie: (finally looking up from her book bag). she talks?!! I sit beside her every day and I never even heard her voice before !!

Veronica: You are asking Holy Roly?!…Ms. perfect who doesn’t smoke or drink?!……The girl who lives the perfect life!?  Sure, why not!

Teacher:  Settle down class. The decision has been made.  Edith please work on your speech so I can review it.

(Sign person walks by with a sign that says THURSDAY)

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Teacher, Principal, Students (5), Sign person


1 – chair/table (teacher), 5 – book bags (one with a bag of chips/cookies), 5 – chairs /desks (students), cell phone w/headphone, hairbrush, sketch pad w/pencil, face powder


This play is about a class of high school girls who have all been adopted. They meet twice weekly to discuss plans for their future, getting out on their own after graduation, dealing with foster care /adoption and other stuff. In other words, it’s the foster care/adoption version to AA. However, the students are not often happy with a particular student, Edith and often thinks she’s a sell out to how they expect foster children should behave. One day the principal asks for a foster care student to give a speech about being “Your True Self” to close out their weeklong discussions and activities on Peer Pressure. The class was not too pleased that the quiet “fake kid” gets picked but in the end, it was a lesson learned for all except one.


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