Rahab: A Story of Redemption



Narrator: The two men swam across the river, crawled through the fields, walked to Jericho, and entered the city. They came to a house on the wall of the city, where a woman named Rahab lived. But they have been seen by the king of Jericho who then sent men to question Rahab and to take the men as prisoners. But Rahab was too smart for the king. She figured he might send someone so she quickly hid the men on the roof of the house and covered them with stalks of flax so they would not be seen by the soldiers.

Officers: “Released at once those spies that we saw entering your home!”

Rahab: Spies? What Spies? Those travelers who stopped by for a cool drink? They left. They went down the mountain, across the field and over to the other side of the river. Back to where they came from. You better hurry if you want to catch them.

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Narrator,  Rahab, Joshua, Spies, Officers


Suitable costumes for each character. Suitable props for each scene


Based on the biblical story of  Rahab.

(Joshua 2)


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