Arise! Your Time has Come!



Reporter: (holding a mic while camera man follows) Hello, I’m from the Jerusalem Herald and I’m here today to witness some of the miracle I heard are happening here at the pool of Bethsaida.

Reporter (to sick person 3): Good morning, can I speak with you for a minute?

Sick person 3: (still walking) Morning, how can I help you?

Reporter: (stepping in front of him to block his path) I hear of great miracles taking place in this pool. Can you tell me more about it?

Sick person 3: (trying to get away) well, this pool is also known as the pool of mercy. At certain times an angel visits the pool to stir up the water. Now a lot of sick people like myself comes here hoping to be the one. Some are blind, lame deaf, you name it they have it.  But the thing is we can never tell when the angel is coming and the first person to touch the water after it’s stirred up becomes completely healed from head to toe. So, we must always be ready at all times. People stay here for as long as it takes for them to get healed. Now if you look closely over the gates you will see some porches for us to rest as we wait for our chance to be healed of our afflictions.  It can be a long wait and the weaker ones usually miss their chance to step in first. That man over there, on the dingy old mat, been here for about 38 years and people just keep jumping in front of him. I’m sorry but I’m jumping in front of him too if the angel should come today. It’s every man for himself. So, let me hurry before a miss my chance.

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Jesus, Sick person 1 (crippled man), Sick person 2 (blind person), Sick person 3 (Person with nervous twitch), Sick person 4 (Person with itchy skin), Reporter, Camera person, High Priest , High Priest follower 1, High Priest follower 2, Angel


Sign (Pool of Bethsaida), blowup pool, walking stick (for sick person 3), (5) cots or mats near the pool, mic, camera, other appropriate costumes for each character


This is based on the story of the lame man waiting by the Pool of Bethsaida to be healed. This modern-day version shows a reporter and camera crew going to the pool to witness these miracles in person.

(St. John 5)


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