The Midnight Cry



Narrator: The fact that the bride maids came to a time when their lamps were sputtering and burning low was not the problem. Burnout happens to all of us from time to time. However, those who were wise realized they would have moments of weakness, so they made important preparations for the coming night. They did not depend on the oil that was in the lamps of their own personal spirit. They knew that their own lamp would fail them because of flesh. They made it their priority to obtain a spiritual supply of oil outside of themselves.  It was the ‘midnight oil’.   The wise virgins were prepared for anything that could unfold at the midnight hour. They had the word of God embedded in their spirits. Unfortunately, the foolish virgins were not prepared for the midnight hour.

Foolish Virgin 1: I am so tired of waiting. I think I will just take a little smoke break to calm my nerves, just a few puffs will do.

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Narrator, Ten bridesmaids (5 wise virgins & 5 foolish virgins), Father of the Groom/Groom (Voice)


10 Lanterns, 10 Bridesmaids dresses. For wise virgins: small bottle for extra oil, tote bags, pamphlets & small bible. For foolish virgins: paper rolled cigarette, small bottle for wine, phone for texting, phone for music w/ headphones


A modern-day spin on the story of the five wise and five foolish virgins.

(Matthew 25)


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