Ruth and Naomi: Operating in Obedience



Ruth:  We better get going.  We’ve got quite a journey ahead of us.

(4 people will hold up signs at different points, that saws DEAD SEA, RIVER JORDON, Mountains of JUDAH, BETHLEHEM).

NARRATOR: So, the two women set out on their long journey to Bethlehem. They walked around the Dead Sea, crossed the river Jordon, climbed the mountains of Judah, and came to Bethlehem. As Naomi and Ruth reached her hometown she met some friends along the way. Since they have not seen her for 10 years they were excited to see her again.

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Ruth, Naomi, Orpah, Boaz, foreman, Ruth’s friends, women gleaming


Water pump for Ruth’s friends, pails for water, straws for gleaming, suitable costumes for each character


The biblical story of Ruth and Naomi

(Book of Ruth)


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