The Christmas Prayer



First two lines

Child: Dear Jesus, I’m so glad you were born.

This world seems so scary and dark with all the problems children are facing today……….

Last two lines

Child: I pray that all the children of the world will…….. find peace and love this Christmas and all year long if they accept you.

Good night Jesus,

Your daughter/son (name of child)

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Scared/praying child, Mary, Pastor or Youth Leader, Joseph, Drug Victim  Children, Shepherds, Gang Victim Children, Wisemen, Depressed Children, Animals, Homeless/unwanted Children, Inn keeper


Appropriate costumes for each character, manger, Signs (can be carried or worn by these children): gang victim, depressed child, drug victim, unwanted child, homeless child, Needs a bed/cot on one side of the room and the manager scene on the other side.


A child, male/female, kneels next to a bed as he/she prays. During her prayer she will call the names of each characters. Those belonging to the manger scene will walk in as he/she mentions them and stands around the manager. The children will walk in when she mentions them and stands around her bed. The star that she is “looking for” in the last stanza refers to a “Pastor, Bishop or Youth Minister”. He will walk in and beckons to the child and the children to follow him. He will then lead them to the baby in the manger on the other side of the room. At the end of the prayer the child will lead the group in singing a Christmas song that’s most suitable for the scene.


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