Jesus is Alive and Well



(Scene opens with Jesus in the tomb and angels standing by. Crowd walks in mourning while narrator speaks)

Narrator: it was the 2nd night of Jesus’s death and His friends gathered around to talk about His goodness towards them.

Lazarus:  I’m not sure what happened but the last thing I remembered was feeling sick and the next think my sisters are telling me I was dead for 4 days. Who could it be but Jesus?


Narrator: Amid them talking they heard a scary sound.

(Satan laughs as he walks in with death and is crew)

(Satan and his goons walked on… crowd shivered in fear)

Satan: what a bunch of fools. Can’t you see the man is dead and buried? Come on now…..Didn’t you all just watched him die?


Satan:  Jesus (in fear}

Jesus: Yes, it’s me in the Flesh…. I’m alive and well! Did you forget I have the keys to death and the grave?!

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Narrator, Holy Spirit, Jesus, Lazarus, Satan, Blind Man, Crippled Man, Woman at the well, two or more Holy angels, two or more Death angels, Boy with 5 loaves


Appropriate costumes for each character, something to represent the tomb and the stone in front of it


Jesus’s friends are seated by his tomb waiting for his resurrection. Satan and his goons are also waiting but with different intentions. They want to keep him in the grave. A fight ensues between the holy angels and death angels.

(Luke 24 & Revelation 1:18)


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