What Will You Leave at the Cross



Narrator: Holiness demands that sin be punished. Mercy compels that the sinner be loved. How can God do both?

(Student walks into the principal’s office)

(Set office in the corner of the stage to make room for the other scenes)

Principal: This is the 10th time before me this week. What do you have to say for yourself?

Student: Uhhhhhh!!??

Principal:  Speak up child!

Student: Well sir, Principal Grier sir,  I really try to be good, but the good in me just can’t seem to stay, when I want to do good the bad just keeps overriding me. I’m doing the best but I guess it’s just not good enough.

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Principal Grier, woman in the crowd, student, second person in the crowd, Narrator, third person in the crowd, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Roman Officer, Angel, Peter, Soldier 1, Soldier 2, James, John, four or more extras


cross, appropriate costumes for each cast member, principal desk, two chairs, sound effects for heavy footsteps, tree branch cracking etc.


This play is about a principal telling his student about Jesus and his crucifixion. Actors will dramatize the story  as told by the principal. The office should be in a corner or to the side.. but still visible.. while the acting takes place in the main area.

(The Book of Luke)


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